Thursday, January 30, 2014


Crochet top - Sexsy - thrifted
Top - Eileen Fisher - thrifted
Jacket - Candie's  - thrifted
Jeans - MMM Couture - thrifted
Shoes -Rocket Dog - Rack Room shoes
Purse - Isaac Mizrahi - old
Necklaces, earrings, silver bracelet - gifts
Gold bracelet - Macy's

I bought this crochet top a while ago because I really liked all the details on it. I like to always try things on while I am in the store, so that I don't have to come back and return anything. That's one of the reasons  don't order a lot of clothing online. Being tall, 5'11, some clothing can be too short or fit me the wrong way. This crochet shirt is borderline too short for me, but I still got it. It a little too see-through to wear to work without a tank top underneath. Also, it's a little too wide, so layering it under the jacket and over a longer top worked in this case.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mirror mirror on the wall...

Top - New York & Company - thrifted
Jacket - Tilt - thrifted
Pants - from Russian market
Shoes - Sperry Top -sider - DSW
Belt - old
Necklace, earrings - family gift

That's what happens when you celebrate two of your children's birthdays over the weekend and then get sick right after. I ran out of time to do any pictures this weekend, so I had to do them in the evenings. I was feeling a little tired and still sick that day.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

French scarf

Top - Xoxo - Macy's
Jacket - thrifted
Pants -Zenana Outfitters - old
Shoes - Nine West -Marshall's
Scarf - family gift
Earrings - family gift
I was inspired by a French style. Simple and chic. All of the clothing pieces in this outfit are very simple so the overall look to me is very elegant.


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Top - old
Vest - Ultra Flirt - thrifted
Jeans - Style&Co - Macy's
Shoes - Bob's - RackRoom Shoes
Watch - Marc Echo - Kohl's
Bracelets - coworker gift
Silver earrings, silver necklace - family gifts
I just recently purchased this pair of coated jeans, so this is my first time wearing it to work. I decided to pair it up with a light sweater and a short vest and some flats. To complete the look I added some silver accessories. It was a comfortable yet stylish outfit.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Special Dress

Dress - Alfani - Macy's
Shirt - Champion - thrifted
Tights - old
Shoes - Unlisted - Shoe Carnival
Necklace - family gift
Earrings - old

This dress has a special meaning to me. I bought it about four years ago to wear on the day we were leaving the hospital after my first baby was born. I wanted to feel special and pretty leaving the hospital, after all, I gained a new title "a mother". I had more reasons to celebrate after my baby was born healthy and naturally. When buying this dress I wanted something loose but also something I can wear later to work. This is a first time I paired it up with tights and a long sleeve shirt under the dress. I have only worn this dress by itself before. The quality of this dress has help up really well. 
This is a first time we took outfit pictures inside a fitting room of a store as the mall was opening. Let me know what you think of them.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Winter white


Cardigan - knitted by my aunt
Jacket - thrifted
Pants - Ann Taylor Loft - thrifted
Scarf - old
Shoes - Sperry Top -sider - DSW
Stingray purse - family gift

The day I wore this outfit, the temperature in the morning was around 38F degrees (3 Celsius). I decided to do layers of white and creme clothing and this is what I came up with. This my first time wearing this cardigan. My aunt gave it to me a while ago, but I wasn't sure sure how to style it. In the 90's she knitted it herself and wore it in the cold Russian winters. I really think it's an amazing talent to be able to make such a beautiful, unique and a functional article of clothing.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sweater vest


Top - XOXO - Macy's
Vest - Forever21 - thrifted
Pants - Tracy Evans Limited - old
Shoes - Rocket Dog - Rack Room Shoes
Sunglasses - Victoria's Secret - family gift
Scarf - family gift
Bracelets, earrings - family gift

Happy Tuesday everyone!! Winter is the perfect time to layer blouses, sweaters and scarves. This scarf was a recent gift from my mother. I received it in August and was waiting for colder days to wear it. This is my first outfit with it, and I already have another idea in mind.


Monday, January 20, 2014

Winter sun

Top - Fang - family gift
Cardigan - Cable & Gauge
Jeans - Mossimo - Target
Shoes - New Direction  - old
Necklace, earrings - family gift
Bracelet - Macy's

I started wearing cardigans somewhat recently, I would say the last couple of years. I am actually not sure sure how I was staying warm in these air conditioned walls of corporate Florida offices. But anyways, this is one of my first cardigans that I have ever purchased. I take breaks wearing it at times, but today I paired it up with a military color jeans and a floral top to soften up the look. I think I like it, what do you think?


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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tropical paradise


Top - Cupio - Dillard's
Pants -Jones New York - thrifted
Shoes - Bob's - RackRoom Shoes
Necklace, earrings - family gift
This outfit is from last week and even though it looks like a tropical paradise outside, it wasn't exactly hot, not even warm, more on the cold side. As much as I like to wear heels, sometimes I like to take a break from them and wear flats. These Bob's by Sketchers were a December purchase, and I love how comfortable they are.