Wednesday, July 2, 2014



Top - Banana Republic
Pants - Zenana Outfitters
Shoes - Rocket Dog - RackRoom shoes
Earrings, bracelet, ring - family gift

We were taking pictures and the sprinklers came on, I wasn't getting wet, but that's what you see on some of the photos. So my pants are not faded towards the bottom, just in case you are wondering what that is. I bought this shirt at Banana Republic just recently and can't wait to pair it up with some bright colors as well. This particular day I was running out the door and didn't have a chance to get my outfit ready ahead of time. This is kind of a last minute outfit.


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  1. Бирюза - это и мой камень! Сочетание цветов камня и футболки очень красиво! albin99.

  2. So pretty! I love the mix of bright colors with the black pants, you look great
    rom the link up, jess
    please stop by

  3. Beautiful top! It looks great with the turquoise jewelry!
    This Ever Evolving Life

  4. I have a colour business. I can honestly say that the warm and bright colours in your top are perfect for your skin tone. You can carry of a bold look. GOrgeous aztec pattern too!

  5. Such a beauty! Thanks for linking-up with Little Miss Monday!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  6. That's so crazy about the sprinklers! I love the print of your top, and these pictures are gorgeous!


  7. I love the printed tops!! Totally cute. Thanks for linking up with Stylish Saturday. xo ~ The Fashionista Momma

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