Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What I wore to a doctor appointment

Shirt - Forever21 - family gift                                                      
Jeans - D Jeans - TJ Maxx
Blazer - Andre Oliver - thrifted
Booties - Unlisted - Shoe Carnival
Silver necklace, silver earrings, bracelet - family gift

Hi girls!! This is what I wore to the dentist appointment last week. When I go for my dentist appointment, I like to wear my most comfortable clothes. Usually my appointments are early in the morning, before I go to work, which makes even more sense to wear something comfy because I am not a morning person. Also, I like to be covered up as I don't like touching the cold vinyl chair with my arms or legs. Do you have a dress code for doctor appointments?


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  1. Хорошее добротное сочетание вещей и аксессуаров. Но в первую очередь бросается в глаза новая точка съемки – немного сверху – удачный ракурс! Таня.

  2. I'm with you, comfortable at the dentist is a must!! Cute look :)


  3. I agree about touching the chairs. They gross me out! Great outfit. Rachel xx

  4. I always make sure I wear comfy pants and never a skirt or dress since the chairs go pretty upside down.

    Thank you for joining TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you next week. Have a great weekend!


  5. Your bag is gorgeous! And I always love a good plaid shirt :)

    Fishbowl Fashion

  6. such a great look and awesome bag. Thank you so much for linking up with me and I hope to see you tomorrow ( sorry for the delay, internet/vacation issues)