Friday, March 13, 2015

Runway to real way

Shirt - Marshall's
Jeans - Style&Co - Macy's
Jacket - Tilt - thrifted
Shoes - NaturalSoul - TJ Maxx
Brooches - family gift
Happy Friday my friends!! The inspiration behind this jacket with brooches was a  John Galliano look from a couple of years ago. To make this runway look work in the everyday life, I paired it up with coated black jeans and simple flats, and let the jacket steal the show. I placed all my brooches in a sporadic way all over the jacket and added a silver belt just like the inspiration.  I am sure my coworkers looked at me funny, but I just like to have fun some days. Plus, it was a casual Friday anyways.



  1. I love that you had inspiration for this outfit from a model on the runway! So cute and fun!


  2. What a fun look! You did a great job re-creating the John Galliano outfit.


  3. Very cool! I'm loving that runway look and how you've tailored it to suit you. Loving your jeans too! #TheList xx