Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Accomplished thrifter

Shirt - Fun & Flirt - thrifted
Pants - Jones New York - thrifted
Blazer - Stoosh - family gift
Shoes - Life Stride - old
Purse - Michael Kors - Macy's
Bracelet, earrings - old
Necklace - family gift

Happy Wednesday!! I love finding a good quality piece at a thrift store. Also, there I can find a dress or a shirt that I know no one else (most likely) will have. The versatility at one thrift store is greater that at H&M or Forever 21 in my opinion. I also like the fact that if I am getting something, and for some reason it doesn't work as well as I thought it would, at least I didn't spend a lot on it. You can take more risks with altering a piece of clothing for that same reason, you didn't spend too much on it to begin with. What are the reasons you like to buy things at a thrift store?



  1. Super outfit, and I love how part of it was thrifted! I love thrifting for all of the reasons you've mentioned, but also because it's a lot of fun, and because the money goes to good causes and stops clothes ending up in landfill. So it wins on so many levels. x

  2. Great outfit! Love that colors and that part of it was thrifted. Thank you for joining TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you Thursday.


  3. So cute-- I love the red and black together!

  4. WOW! What a great thrift find! I'd be happy about those pants too! Such a great look you created :)

  5. Those pants are awesome! Man you rock at thrifting. :)

  6. Loving your outfit!
    I haven't visited thrift stores in ages, because I usually can't find anything in my size - everything is too small or big :D

    Thanks for linking up Beauty by Miss L Weekly Fashion Link Up!