Friday, May 15, 2015

Portland, Oregon

Sweater - Planet Gold - old
Jeans - D Jeans - TJMaxx
Jacket - Andre Oliver - thrifted
Shoes - Natural Soul - TJ Maxx
Earrings - family gift
Silver spoon ring - old  

Hello. On this day I am pretty sure people laughed at how warm I was dressed. While Oregonians are wearing short sleeve shirts, here I am wearing a sweater, a jacket and a scarf at times. What can I do, I get cold, maybe living in Florida for the last sixteen years did it to me, because I can assure you I could handle the cold before, being raised in Russia.

I took a picture of an interesting group of runners who were all dressed in superhero outfits, and after their run, they go bar hopping. That was an interesting sight to see. Also, just another couple of shots from that day. I enjoyed seeing the little flowers that have just recently been planted into the ground, it reminded me of my home country where after a long, long winter, in the spring, everyone plants flowers, and then you enjoy seeing them grow, unlike in Florida where everything is green all year long, all the time, greenery all around you. It almost gets old after a while, I miss the change of seasons.


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  1. Thanks for linking up with the Friday Favorites link-up!! I love this casual look! That color looks great on you!

    It's funny how we get used to weather so quickly. Of course you're cold after living in FL! I was born and raised right here in NJ. The winters have been getting colder and colder. This winter, we consistently had 2 degree days. Then the weather shot up to 30 degrees and everyone was walking around in shorts, whereas previously we all would've been freezing and complaining at the 30 degrees!

    The Closet by Christie

  2. Great outfit! My sister lives in PDX and I'm in Boston, when I visit in the winter I don't even wear a jacket!

  3. Looking pretty in fuchsia! Thanks for sharing with Fun Fashion Friday & have a fun weekend!
    Dawn Lucy

  4. Love that jumper! So cute. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x